Dave Fawcett for County Executive

Dave and Goliath

Hi, my name is Dave.

I’ve battled and beaten some real goliaths in the courtroom. I’m running for Allegheny County Executive to take on challenges just as big.

An out of control CEO of a giant coal company was bankrupting small businesses and recklessly harming workers, many died. I took him all the way to the United State Supreme Court and won.

A wrongfully convicted man that had spent decades behind bars and was set to spend the rest of his life there. I proved that federal agents lied and was able to walk him out of prison to freedom.

Gun violence in our communities, lack of affordable housing in our neighborhoods, and an unfair economy that leave too many of our families behind.  These are the challenges we face. Join me and together will get the job done. Let’s beat these goliaths.

My plan for Allegheny County and our region calls for investment in initiatives to make our region a thriving innovation hub as well as a beacon of sustainability. Some of the greatest advancements in robotics happen here, yet the jobs end up in places like Columbus, Ohio. I’ll incentivize that the jobs stay right here to rebuild our advanced manufacturing sector.

We must address long neglected issues like the persistent disparities faced by low income residents, primarily in our minority communities, such as lack of early childhood education opportunities, juvenile justice, criminal justice, health outcomes, air pollution, and de facto segregation.

I’ve always stepped up for the vulnerable. Starting with my work with the Innocence Project in 2009, I began providing pro-bono legal services to innocent people stuck behind bars.

It is why as County Executive I’ll institute a Conviction Integrity Unit to minimize the likelihood of the innocent being sentenced to a life behind bars.

It is this same sense of fairness that led me to successfully sue the Allegheny County Jail because of its abusive treatment of pregnant inmates; such as denying them healthcare and putting them in solitary confinement. My work in that case led to a complete overhaul of the County Jail’s policies.

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