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Dave Fawcett Calls for Attack Ads in County Executive Race to Stop

May 12, 2023

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Mike Butler
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Dave Fawcett Calls for Attack Ads in County Executive Race to Stop

Pittsburgh – Dave Fawcett calls on fellow Democratic candidates to pull divisive attack ads that are flooding the airwaves in the final week of the campaign.

“The personal attacks in these ads have no place in a Democratic primary,” says Fawcett. “It’s one thing to compare positions on policies, but these ads are nasty and over the top.”

“They also are a huge disservice to our City and County, and most of all to voters. Voters mostly want to know what candidates will do to move our region forward.

“The bashing in these ads will make it hard for Democrats to come together after the primary to achieve real results for the people of Allegheny County. That’s why I intend to keep my advertising positive and refrain from attacking other Democrats in this race.”

Fawcett’s call extends to independent third party groups who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars influencing the race.

“Democratic candidates shouldn’t hide behind third party groups to do their dirty work,” says Fawcett. “I’m proud that we’ve run a positive campaign that shares our bold vision to create manufacturing jobs and reduce homelessness and crime while increasing affordable housing, social services and cracking down on police and prosecutor misconduct. I urge my fellow Democrats to join me in rejecting these harsh negative ads that are an insult to the Allegheny County voters.”

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