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Dave Fawcett Announces Candidacy for Allegheny County Executive

Dec 15, 2022
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Fawcett vows to fight for economic growth, raise Pittsburgh’s profile as investment destination, and boost quality of life with vision for better transportation and reclaimed riverfronts

PITTSBURGH – Dave Fawcett (D-Oakmont) announced his candidacy for Allegheny County Executive on Thursday, vowing to put his experience as a member of County Council and his success winning major court battles to work for the county, by fighting for stronger economic growth, attracting new investments and jobs, and improving the region’s quality of life with a vision for reclaimed riverfronts and better transportation.

Fawcett, a lawyer who has won hundreds of millions of dollars for clients and whose work has reached the U.S. Supreme Court, enters with a successful record of beating back union-busting companies for more than a decade, punishing companies that disregard worker safety, and winning freedom for the wrongfully accused through his pro bono work with The Pennsylvania Innocence Project.

“I believe in accountability and fighting for what’s right and fair. I have demonstrated my commitment to taking on and overcoming big challenges that ultimately led to better lives for others,” Fawcett said. “Those are the qualifications I’ll bring to the office of Allegheny County Executive. We need someone with battle-tested leadership to bring more successes to Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.”

Fawcett’s goals for the County and the Pittsburgh area include attracting more investment and employment to the region; developing a vision for more efficient transportation networks; reclaiming our riverfronts for the public, all for the purpose of providing greater opportunities for education and employment for all.

“We should build upon our enormous natural advantages – our great rivers, our green hills and our unique neighborhoods – to make this area a beacon of sustainability; a major innovation hub; and a Superbowl Champion of places to live,” Fawcett said. “We have the universities, the workforce and the civic pride to make that happen, but we need good leadership and a strong long-term plan to do so. I will bring both to the office of the County Executive.”

Fawcett’s greater goals include addressing difficult social and economic problems that hold the county back, like improving declining neighborhoods, fixing problems in the criminal justice system, and battling gun violence and crime.

“It’s on us to ensure that our children from all parts of the County have equal opportunities to learn, to be healthy and, later, to have great employment opportunities here in Pittsburgh,” Fawcett said. “I’m ready to lead Pittsburgh and Allegheny County to a better future, and I’ll bring my proven record of going all-in when tackling tall tasks and big fights. I look forward to working for the people of Allegheny County.”

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