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Dave Fawcett Signs Good Governance Pledge

Sep 25, 2022

For Immediate Release:

Kyra Baillie
412 – 352 – 6007

Pittsburgh, PA – In keeping with his stance on transparency and campaign finance reform put forth last Friday, Dave Fawcett has signed the Good Governance Pledge. Fawcett is encouraged by this response from other candidates, after bringing these issues to the forefront and calling for reform, in a press conference on Friday.

Throughout his entire career as an attorney and countywide elected official, Fawcett has been a fierce advocate for the people against those that abuse their power, be it an out-of-control-corporate CEO, the justice system, or our government officials.

As Fawcett said at a Friday press conference, “People need to be able to trust their elected officials.” This is why, in particular, he challenged the Treasurer John Weinstein’s alleged pattern of behavior, calling it “Outrageous, unethical, illegal, and just plain wrong”.

Fawcett welcomes that other candidates have joined in signing the Good Governance pledge, but ultimately believes that real change must be brought by bold leadership and the willingness to take on big battles and win; as Fawcett has done in the courtroom, time and again. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are the minimum of what citizens should expect from their elected officials. Behavior that falls short of that, as Dave noted, “erodes the public trust in our institutions and elected officials”.

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